Difference Between Mass and Weight

What is the difference between mass and weight? First of all we have to know what mass is and what weight is. Mass and weight are opposite, but they both have similarities. Mass and weight are both found through the same formulas, which is force is equal to mass multiplied by acceleration. Then the other formula to find mass and weight is weight equals mass multiplied by gravity. They both are units of measurement, however, they are related through gravity, and are directly proportional to each other when acceleration is not present. Even though they have similarities between them they both have differences.

Mass is the quantity of matter in an object and it’s also the measure of inertia. Inertia means the sluggishness or apparent resistance of an object to change its state of motion. Acceleration is indirectly proportional to mass. An example of this is if you put more mass on an object Mass Weight Gainer Before and After results it causes more force to move the object, so the acceleration decreases when using the same amount of force. Wherever an object is located, its mass will never change, so on Jupiter, on the Moon, or on Earth the mass will always stay the same. Mass can be a fixed number, but it cannot be zero. Kilograms represents mass in the formula of force equals mass multiplied by acceleration. Mass is a scalar quantity, which means mass has magnitude, but has no direction. This is what mass means, how it decreases acceleration, and how it’s different from weight.

Weight is very different from mass in meaning, what it is, and its connection with gravity. The meaning of weight is the force upon an object due to gravity. Weight changes based on the location, so if you’re on Saturn, Earth, or Venus your weight is different because different places outside of earth have different gravities. An example of this is when someone asks you to calculate your weight on the planet Jupiter. You can find your weight through the formula weight equal mass multiplied by gravity. The first thing you have to do is find how much the gravity is on Jupiter and then you multiply it by the mass. Weight can be a fixed number, but it varies and it can also be zero. The unit that represents weight is Newtons because weight is a force and it’s also a vector, which means it has magnitud