Another Los Galacticos In Spain?

Barcelona signed Thierry Henry. Well, that’s no new news. I’m sure every ufabetดีมั้ย football fan in the world already knew that. Henry’s signing is an effort made by Barcelona to bring back the glory after last season’s failure. The Catalan side ended the last season of football without any silverware to be proud of. Madrid won the League, Sevilla crowned Copa del Rey, while Milan is the king of European football right now.

The fact that they ended the season without any title is a slap in the face. Henry is predicted to bring back the Catalan pride and glory. Don’t be surprised if Barcelona ends this summer transfer window more extraordinary signings. Don’t raise your eyebrow if big names in football wear Barcelona shirt next season. Barcelona is a big club with a lot of money so I think they can buy a bunch of expensive players to teach Madrid a lesson next season.

However, I sure don’t hope that Barcelona is trying to build another Los Galacticos just like what Madrid built 4 years ago. With a lot of star players, it turned out that Madrid spent 4 years being an inferior in Spanish football. Too many stars caused the rift among the club staffs and ruined the chemistry among the players. Last season, after losing some member of Galac